Per Pint:

Chicken Bog:  $3.90

Lima Beans:  $4.00

Mac & Cheese:  $4.00

Green Beans:  $3.55

Collard Greens:  $3.55

Baked Beans:  $3.55

Sweet Potato Souffle:  $3.55

Slaw:  $3.55

Cabbage:  $3.55

Rice:  $1.50

Biscuits and Corn Bread:  .30 each


Lunch:   $9.00

Dinner:   $11.85

Child (5-10):   $6.85

4 & Under Free

Sandwiches and Fries

BBQ Pork or Chicken:  $3.50

Chicken Filet:                 $3.75

French Fries/Onion Rings:  $1.95

Sweet Potato Fries: $2.50

Prices subject to change without notice


Each $3.55 Per Pint:

Banana Pudding

Chocolate  Delight

We also cater:

Relax and let us take care of the food for all of your events: Weddings, Anniversaries, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Office Parties, Christmas Parties.......We do them all!  You just tell us what food you would like and how many people you are planning on.  We will take that stress right off your shoulders, just give us a call or email!  Deliveries based upon party size and location.


BBQ per Pound: $9.75
Whole Chicken (Fried or BBQ)  $9.75
Ribs:  $2.50 each
Catfish:  $2.00 each
Pork Chops:  $2.00 each

Big D's BBQ Trough